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Some Questions about 4v4


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I haven't seen anyone posting much if anything about these questions which could be pretty game breaking. Interested on people's opinions.


Let's assume 4v4 will be last team standing deathmatch and won't have respawns or any objectives.(similar to wow arenas)


Should rezs be allowed? Should out of combat rezs be allowed? Should battle rezs (in combat) be allowed?

I don't think any rezzing should be allowed. Shadows and operatives would have a pretty big advantage here, because they could vanish rez. The other classes can't and in combat rezs are too easy to get off.


Should consumables be restricted? Medpacks, adrenals and grenades.

It would be pretty weird to think of pvp without consumables. Medpack is arguably one of the strongest defensives in the game and I'm for more defensives and longer matches, so I think all 3 should be allowed. However, I think medpacks need a 1 time use change for 4v4, because not all classes can vanish and reset the cooldown on their medpack.


Should legacy buffs be allowed or can a character only bring his class buff and not the buffs from his other high level characters?

It is an MMO, so grinding all 4 class buffs should give you a slight advantage. But would it be better for teams to be encouraged to bring one of each class? I'm not sure how I feel about this.


Should Insipiration and Bloodthirst be allowed? Are there any other cooldowns that might be too strong for 4v4?

I don't think inspiration is too strong, but I also didn't think bloodlust was too strong when WoW removed from arenas and the game did become better when it was removed.


Will they add arena enemy frames with targetting and maybe focus support?

I would be suprised if this is added in 2.4, but I would love to see arena frames added at some point ideally with macro and focus support.

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