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Logical PVP suggestion


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Could you make it possible to send commendations between characters? At least within the Legacy. We can already send items and credits, we should also be able to send commendations. At the end of the day, shouldn't it be down to player's strategy how they distribute their hard-worked-for wares? It really shouldn't matter which character gets it.


Alternatively, you could make possible to buy the PVP items earlier then level 55. It is already possible to buy so many other items well ahead your level and prepare to gear up when you reach that level. Why not PVP? You could make items Bound to Legacy, so that they still cannot be sold, but could be transferred as any other item can, just within the Legacy. Again, this would give the player greater control over the strategy and leveling of their characters.


Surely you can see the logic of this. I mean, why limit commendations transfer, when we can already send credits and why limit the PVP gear transfer, if we can already send almost any other gear.


To sum it up: either let players transfer the commendation and/or raise the commendations cap (even if within Legacy only), or let the player buy the gear much earlier then level 55 and make the items Bound to Legacy. Some people, including myself, like to plan their strategy cross-character and cross-faction. It makes the game so much more challenging and interesting.

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