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Guild Ships suggestions from a City of Heroes/Villains Veteran


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Like many I was pretty upset when losing the game, but this isn't about that. I have heard a mention of Guild Ships and wonder if it's the same as SG bases. Here are a few suggestions for features for these Guild Ships.


1. Decorative Items


A great thing about SGs was that you could customise and colour it how you wish. You can aquire items to, lack of a better word "pimp" out the base. This also opens up a new set of items to sell in the Cartel Market. CoH had it where veterans were awarded with items such as weapons in cases of various different villain groups, posters of the comic and so on.


Later they even had things like items from major NPCs to decorate it. Who wouldn't like their Guild Ship to have a treasury area where Revan's mask is hanging on the wall?


2.Prestiege or similar currency?


How would we buy items for the ship? Will it be like CoH where everyone in the group gets to add their own individual xp they earn in missions that is strictly for the guild to buy many vanity items or even crucial items such as generators and so on. Even buy a increase in size of the ship.


3. Raids/Ship-to-ship combat


There were also base raids so I wonder if there would be ship raids? Done in a similar style to the Voidstar where the enemy party has to get into the treasury and steal a item. PVP fans and guilds would benefit greatly from this and have a lot of fun.


4. Building your own defences


Being able to craft your own defences and traps will be a great way to slow down the enemy group and even repel them. This adds more items for crew skills and more items to buy from the Cartel Market. What I'd like to see would be if members of the guild could deposite guild ship defence items or misc items (power capaciters, generators, engines and so on) so that the one who build's the base is the one to place the items, generally the leader of the group.


I have a few ideas for items that could be built using crew skills.


Armstech: Turrets, cannons ect


Armourmech: Ship plating, vault door thickness


Cybertech: Robot NPCs, traps, targeting systems for turrets, ect


Biochem: Beast NPCs, docorative plants


Artiface: Decorative crystals


Those are the only ideas off the top of my head, anything you guys could add as a suggestion would be welcome.

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