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Vengeful Malice Social Nights!


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Hello, JC! I thought I'd take a minute to share a glimpse of our Thursday-night social activities. Vengeful Malice has nights for PvE, PvP, and Social. I'm sure you all know what PvE and PvP look like, but here's a shot of our photo-finish ending to our naked strut race around Kaas City:




As you can see, it was down to the wire! We run a different event every Thursday. Events range from:


-Naked Legacy Boxing (gearless dueling using only legacy attacks)

-Companion Deathmatch (kinda self-explanatory - we sic our companions on each other)

-Zodi Hunt (our social officer hides, and we try to find him)

-Speeder Racing

-The aforementioned Naked Strut (clothes stripped off, run and sprint turned off)


If any of this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, check us out at http://www.vengefulmalice.net/.

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