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Experienced player looking for Guild on Both Sides.


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Here's a little about me.


i'm 35yo Man with 2 kids, a full time job and kind of a social life :D Been playing MMO's for the last 15 years and i've played a bunch of games including ( i may forget some )


Achieved Top Level :






Played to different LvLs





I have several toons wich are mostly in my sigs plus a bunch of low lvl i intend on leveling too.


Here's the tricky part :rak_03: I am looking in a guild that will include these criteria but in no way limits to them :


  • A Mature Guild and by Mature i don'T mean 18+ i mean DramaQueen free :D
  • I wanna be able to Raid and do FP's either EndGame or while leveling but i can't obey to a tight schedule ( Kids, Job, Baseball, etc. )
  • I wanna Feel like i make a difference either by helping with my crafting ( several 450's ) or my experience with MMO's or anything else.
  • Though i can use Mumble or TS3 my current situation at home doesn't let me use a microphone often. I like using guildchat!
  • I know i can contribute a lot to a guild i just need to find a home :D


I might forget something but i'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have or ask any question i might have also. So anyone feel i could fit in with them :rak_02:

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