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Corrupted Knights is recruiting


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I would like to tell you about Corrupted Knights.


Corrupted Knights was started quite some time back as a casual, family friendly guild. There was an Empire guild and a Republic guild, and I found them through the Republic guild side. I had several Empire-side characters, but no real guild that fit me as a casual player who wanted to option to do end game when I had time available.


I joined Corrupted Knights and found a great group of people who were helpful, friendly, and sincere.


Corrupted Knights will always have it's root in the casual game. We understand that you may not have the liberty to play all day long, every day. We have jobs, college, wives. We all know these things are merely breaks in our SWTOR gaming. LOL However many casual players would still like the freedom to do the flashpoints, operations, and adventures found in the late game. We do these. We don't want to exclude anyone from participating, so we try to fit everyone in. Often there's more than one of these going on at the same time, which affords the members an opportunity to get involved.


We encourage all members to get to know all the other members, to build friendships within and without and have a good time. If you have a question about gear or some mission, just ask. Chances are someone has been there, done that.


Corrupted Knights slowly began developing a progression group, building from the players who had joined who wanted to be more than casual. We are currently looking to further develop the progression group while still offering a place for casual players. Any member who wants to learn more about getting ready for 'end-game' content, can ask for advice, tips, and there's usually activity every night where a member can join a group and earn their commendations, complete their dailies, and run in a group to gear up for higher and harder adventures, or even just hang out and kill stuff. This means that some members who play 'casually' can do more if they decide they would like to.


We do not demand that you have the best gear. We ask that you be appropriately geared.

We won't demand that you have the best augments, stims, medpacks. We ask that you prepare for the run as best you can.

If you are interested in doing harder stuff, we ask that you work towards the gear required for it whenever possible, and evetually getting augmented, developing skills to benefit yourself, checking to see if a fellow member can craft the piece for you, or by using the GTN.


If we sound like the kind of guild you are looking for, please contact one of our guild Officers; Necroplague, Demonicshade, Kal-Branix, Beetleguise, Beetlejuice, Short-block, or Lastday. There's usually one of them online to speak with.

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