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Experienced Raider LF Oceanic Raiding Guild


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Hey guys, I'm an experienced raider with 3 geared 55 characters, with my main Sorc healer in full 69's and 72's. I"m sick of always missing out on raids because of my timezone. I live in Australia.

Looking for a raiding guild that can raid most nights during the week (Oceanic time)


My cleared ops are as follows :

EV HM and NiM 5/5

KP HM and NiM 5/5

EC HM 5/5 and NiM 3/5

TFB SM and TFB HM 5/5

S+V SM 7/7 and HM 3/7

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zoupp, I was told from my friend that ur looking for a guild and group for raiding. they said they have gone with you sometimes. will you like to join us? we are Crispy and Kreame, singaporean/APAC guild, and seeking for someone to fill in our group 2 permanently, 8 man. Usually, our schedule for raiding start at 8:30-9PM Singapore time and still try to find regular schedule, 2-3 times a week maybe more. It is our honor if you can join us. PST me in game: Saihavoc. thank you Edited by xconvertagent
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