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Late Night Raiding Guild


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The Red Zone <TRZ> is an active, late night raiding guild. We raid from 12am to 2am PST on a nightly basis.


Currently searching for a few more players to help our second operations group run concurrently with our first group and possibly begin raiding in 16m groups.


Our current progress is 5/5 HM TFB and Scum & Villainy 7/7.


If you wish to get more info, please whisper any of the following officers in game: Superllvllan, Khalithar, Augee, Boblee-swagger, Amadus, or Pointy. Or visit our website at http://theredzoneguild.co.nz

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We have a solid 8-man group with 4 great reserves. We could really use a few more to solidify a second 8 man group or possibly form a permanent 16 man group.


There are plenty of players on the server who like to run with us late at night, but convincing them to join the guild is rather difficult. They rather ask that we put them on our friends' list and invite them to our ops. Frankly, this is not efficient for either party and it hurts our guild because we want the experience and gear to stay with our group so that we progress gradually and tackle greater challenges.


I've known of DN, but we don't often cross paths. Guess both late guilds are pretty set at night, neither one of us really spams or likes to run with pugs unless we absolutely have to.

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