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The <Imperial Syndicate> has arrived!


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The <Imperial Syndicate> is a RP-lite/PVP/PVE guild that is open to all those who oppose the Republic and their Jedi pets! The will of the Emperor extends throughout the shadows of the Galaxy... and we embrace the Darkness!


"Embrace the Darkness..."


Roleplaying - While many of us engage in RP "full-time", it is not a stringent requirement. Scheduled events are always full-RP, unless otherwise noted in advance.


PVP - Groups for Warzones are always forming. We schedule dedicated PVP days for grinding out those commendations! Raiding parties for open-PVP "Pub Hunting", are always a favorite, too!


PVE - Master/Apprentice structure encourages fellow 'Syners' to help each other in their class progression - the whole point of joining in the first place!


Voicechat - Mumble voicechat active.


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