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Experienced Raider LF Late Night Ops Group


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The Ops group I have been in for the past year or more has slowly started falling apart. People leaving for school, army, playing other games, etc. And we have been stuck pugging for quite a while now. With the release of ROTHC it has got even harder to get our group motivated to get to 55 let alone start raiding again.


Suffice it to say I am throwing in the towel with my current group, and possibly guild, as I just don't play as much as I want, and I hate pugging.


I am looking for an Imperial guild who runs Late Night Ops, starting around 9:30p.m. to 10:00p.m. PST(11:30p.m.-12:00a.m. Central) and run for 2-3 hours.


I have 4 current Characters at 55 I can run right away:


Sorc Healer(my main, can dps if needed)

Powertech Tank

Operative Healer

Mercenary DPS/Healer


I have 3 other 50's that will be 55 shortly:




Sorc Healer/DPS(yes I have 2 sorcs, I got bored and made a 2nd one)


I am looking to raid right away, I can go most any night of the week as I play after work(2nd shift), most days aren't a problem. If there are any Late Night Guilds out there needing 1 more to fill a spot I can fill any role. I am very familiar with TFB HM, and and learning S&V.


Please, somebody out there, Help!


Thank you.

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