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More unassembled gear, less fixed gear in ops


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Bioware, can you please change the random black market/verpine gear drops on the first few bosses in each op to unassembled Arkanian/Underworld gear? It will make fair loot distribution much easier for raids.


To give an example of what I'm talking about, in a run of SM TfB last night, every single black market drop was for troopers. Maybe a flaw in the loot roll table, probably just bad luck with RNG. Anyway, the single trooper in the raid group made out like a bandit. The three people who got unassembled Arkanian gear were also happy. But half the raid group got absolutely nothing but a few comms from the mission completion. It would be easier if all the bosses dropped unassembled gear, which is not class specific, so that we can make sure that at least most people in the group come out with something shiny at the end of it.

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