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Dueling PvP


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There seems to be an influx of people that don't understand the concept of objective based pvp. Time and time again, I have seen "wanna-be-heroes" deathmatch to their heart's content and have realized a potential issue.


Why not offer a game style to fit the desires of the "wanna-be-heroes" and have a style of pvp centered around deathmatching and survivability. No nodes, no ball to cross the enemies line. No pylons to cap and orbs to run. Just an all out "Obi vs Vader" lightsaber duel competition, or like in the "Return" Cinematic, a 2v2 dueling style. In fact, you could even go up to 4v4.


And please...leave Bolster out of it. I don't want to see some tank come in with 45k hp Ultimate Gear that he picked up while raiding and be able to be bolstered to Expertise cap.....

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