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Update on TTK; Yes, It Was Gear-Related


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So I'm at full Partisan now with a Conqueror mainhand. Previously, I thought TTK was really short and no fun. As I added Partisan pieces, even if they borked the stats from my min/maxxed EWH set, my survivability went up. Plus, Bolster was tweaked.


So TTK is MUCH better now. It still feels slightly faster than before and I don't like that. It still feels like damage is burstier than before but obviously the issue was this: Bioware turned my top gear set COMPLETELY into trash overnight. I don't mind re-grinding. I look forward to it. But EWH should have been a bridge to Partisan, not a throwback to Recruit MK-1. I love you, BW, but next time you add new tiers, make the old tier useful for the transition.


One caveat: Heals are so bursty now that I find the number of heals on each side is often -- but not always determinative. This needs to be fixed somehow. I am no expert. There are times when my complete damage rotation means nothing in terms of bringing people down, INCLUDING with interrupts and heal debuffs. Again, I don't have the answers but my constructive feedback is that heals are tipping the scale and making slightly-too-short TTK into really long, really boring TTK.


The bottom line: TTK is not as bad as I thought initially. I just had no idea that EWH got turned into utter trash instantly in 2.0. Also, heals feel a bit overtuned right now.

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