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Buff/Debuff Management


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I know I sound like a broken record here, but the buff/debuff system needs to be fixed. Obviously BioWare acknowledges that there is a problem with buff/debuff management because they added the ability to size them on your player frames. While I appreciate the sentiment, it is not nearly enough.


The ideal buff/debuff monitoring system (short of a full-on PowerAuras style system that we can configure ourselves) would be using a method much like the action bars that already exist. Give us the ability to create new "bars" of buff and/or debuffs and the ability to say "I want to see x, y, and z in this bar". The current system is really bad. As an Assassin tank, I am just constantly staring at my buff bar and it makes the game less fun. I'm getting HoT's and the standard buffs are also present and there seems to be no logical way that the buffs end up being ordered so I can't even look in the general same spot for them.


Also, since I play an Assassin I'm not really even looking for debuffs on my target, but I have to imagine that for classes that are DoT-based the current system is infuriating.


Please please please give us the ability to manage our buffs and debuffs in a reasonable way.

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