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I am a level 39 marauder and I though:mad, where are the old vendors. I was told they were on kaas but I couldn't find them. I am looking for the level 50 ones supplies and pvp:mad:


Only level 20 and 40 gear is in Coruscant/Dromund Kas, the level 50 is removed from game. You may buy the empty items in the GTN from crafters that got the schems previous to 2.0, but just that, empty orange gear. Currently there are no specific PvP gear till level 55, and this last is broken so........... either run PvE to get gear (BlackHole-Campaign is Best in Slot so far for 50 in PvP) or convert comends in the vendors and get PvE gear.


Edit: forgot to say, the vendors are in the capital planets next to ur class trainer, in the same room, so for marauder they are in the Market of DK just when u arrive, in the 4 room in the zone of the Comendations vendors

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