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Make the "Bonus Series" Quests Endgame content


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I have leveled several characters and I have yet to do any of the "Bonus Series" missions. Kinda wonder what percentage of the player-base actually completes them?


There really isn't a need to do them from a leveling perspective, your team did a pretty good job balancing the class and planet storylines such that you're ready to move on to the next planet by the time they conclude. (Even more-so when you've leveled 2 or 3 characters through the same main planet content... :()


Unfortunately, by the time your class quest & Makeb are over, and you're ready to see Tatooine or Alderaan again, the quests are grey. Why not let us go back to those planets and have challenging story-driven content? Scale the enemies up to 50+, and buff the quest rewards.


I know some people would complain about reusing content, but if it's rarely played anyway, why not? To combat that, maybe update those areas using some of the new RotHC engine improvements? If there is a concern about manpower, maybe spread the updates out over a year or two? Could even space it out so that the first couple planets have a level req of 55, the next set come out with the next expansion and are 60+, etc...


For a game that's still hurting for compelling end-game content, seems like a shame to see all that voice-acting, artwork, companion dialogue, etc wasted.

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