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450 Biochem resolve stim


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Hey guys. I have a question regarding the lvl 52 green resolve stim. Now I am 450 Biochem and have seen other stims (aim etc) without this issue unless it's just my toon. Now whenever I try to RE my green lvl 52 nano resolve (willpower) stims it says "no research available." Now after asking around I have noticed others, like I said aim earlier, aren't having this issue and have RE'd the blue schematic (which in turn will lead to the purple schem) with out issue.


I have RE'd about 20+ resolve stims with no schematic learned.


Am I missing something or is there a bug?


I didn't see anything in the notes about this,

Thank you

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I had it and when i looked i already had the blue and purple schematics just didnt get the message so i wasnt aware that i had it


I did the same thing when it came to the medpack. RE'd 15-20 extra cause I never noticed or the message never came up about being successful with the RE. A day later it showed up in my crafting list.

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