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Shoulder Cannon?


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While I will admit that I am not happy with the nerfs to the Powertech I think the biggest issue of this patch comes in the form of our new level 51 ability.


All other classes were given an ability that was not only useful, but useful in PVP.... except Bounty Hunters.


The shoulder cannon is for the better lack of a word.. useless.


I understand that you could argue, "but Barantos this ability can be used and do damage while you are stunned"


My response would be "What damage?" As I have played with this ability from even a AP talented persepctive and at this point I have removed it from my quick bars. Using this ability in any other circumstance than being stunned/controlled is pretty much a dps loss.


My suggestions for the ability.

1) Make all of the rockets fire at once: This would give us a large dmging ability every 1.5 minutes and AP would have bonus dmg due to additional rockets and dmg buff

2) Have this ability fire a rocket every time you use an action for the next 5-8 attacks. This would give current abilities extra burst or dmg from what they already have.


I took the time to make these suggestions as i believe they are easily implementable and will not destroy game balance.


Seriously though, until changes are made this is staying off the quickbar.[

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I beg to differ.

It is on a diff GCD as your other abilities.

With ~63 PVE gear, and mixed PVE and 4pc new pvp gear, I see crits in the 1.5-2K range per missile.


It has its uses. Its all about where you see it fitting.

Me, I use it for the following:


- Solo guarding node. Ancient Hypergate forces stealther(s) to engage/kill me in order to 6-sec cap Pylon. Interrupt while stunned FTW. Shoulder cannon > stagger stun/cc abilities by 1+ cappers.

- DPS addition against healers low on HP. I use it to help burst healers ~30% health. Electro+carb stun = and additional 2.5-4K dmg from shoulder cannon.

- Solo 1v1: I've won more 1v1's using shoulder cannon, than when it has been on CD.



- extra/free damage.


Now I'm not saying its the greatest ability in the world and they could've added much more. But it is well worth being left on your quick bar.

If you don't use it, QQ more.

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the damage is fine , the cooldown should be reduced to 60 sec or even 45 sec, at the moment shoulder canon is the only form of burst the pt/van have in pvp


While I see decent damage with it as AP spec, I'd hardly consider it burst as you need to keep spamming it every second for 4 seconds minimum (AP gets 7 missiles). The main issues are the CD, which IMO needs to be a minimum of 45s, and how long it takes to load. You basically need to preload it before you think you're going to need it. They should change it so that your missiles are ready to launch at all times and the CD start when the final missle is launched. It would also be nice to be able to use it during channeled abilities (DFA, FT, Unload).

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While I agree that this ability isn't as useful or flashy as the other classes abilities it is certainly far from useless.


As mentioned before, it's incredibly useful for guarding nodes solo. Now (provided you have missiles loaded) you no longer have to worry about getting mezzed and losing a node if you don't have your cc breaker ability off cooldown.


I've also found it's pretty useful if you're Pyro spec. Monstrous nerf to Pyro aside, Shoulder Cannon is pretty good for loading more damage onto your burst. You can now time a Rail Shot, Thermal Detonator and Shoulder Cannon to hit the target simultaneously, giving you a little more burst and helping even things out with the ridiculous Thermal Detonator nerf. The people who mentioned just firing four missiles randomly are kind of missing the idea behind this ability. Sure, you can fire four free missiles, but it's most effective when you throw them in with your big attacks to spike the damage.

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. It would also be nice to be able to use it during channeled abilities (DFA, FT, Unload).




As for loading and CD, pre-loading is what you have to plan for IMHO. For CD, yes I've love a lower CD. :)

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Sorry, but you're using it wrong. It's not meant to be super powerful by itself. It's pretty clearly intended to be used as a compliment to whatever burst damage you have against a single target.


I keep SC pre-loaded, and don't use it until there is a target that absolutely must go down (basically when a healer is proving to be particularly difficult to remove) and it works like a charm. It's not available at all times, but if save it for the right guy, he's going to go down if you're good with your CC's. This is from an AP/Tactics perspective btw.


I wouldn't mind a shorter cooldown.


On a somewhat separate note, while I like SC, it's incredibly underwhelming compared to other classes new abilities.


The sorc bubble and agent roll, by comparison, provide way, way, way more constant utility and use than SC.

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