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Blue Hooded Consular Armour Please.


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So I rolled Shadow and levelled all the way to 50 because I wanted the exact look displayed in the Consular armor progression video.


This look. Dark blue. Hooded... like you'd expect a "Shadow" fighting on the Jedi side would look, no?


But that robe was changed to white. And all other blue robes are unhooded. Except for the Consular robe. Which is almost purple, and ugly as hell. The brown chest/trim look nasty - as do most of the other earthy coloured robes. Of which there are tons.


So I feel a bit let down; like the Shadow aesthetics were falsely advertised.


I know a lot of people want a hood toggle. Or an armour dye ability. Both would be great. But I'd settle for a wider selection of colours on Hooded Light Armour Chest Pieces.

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