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Stat Priority for PVP


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Hi guys,


2.0 has been out for a while now, and I was wondering if people knew what the best stat priorities would be for pvp. Before 2.0, most players (for most classes) aimed for the following stats:


Expertise: ~ 1200

Surge: 75% max

Crit Rating: Between 30% - 35%

Accuracy: ~100% (for classes dealing mostly white attacks)

The rest should be focussed Power and your class' main stat (Aim/Cunning/Strength/Willpower)


Anyone knows what those figures are like in 2.0? I looked at Noxxic and they are still posting the old figures, and besides I know from experience that they're not completely reliable. Some people have suggested the following, but there are still many others who contest against the figures:


Accuracy: 100% (important for everyone)

Crit Rating: 20%

Surge: 66% max (some have suggested 65%, as that's when the diminishing returns begin)

Expertise: ??

After the above, focus on power


Any advise would be appreaciated, thank you.

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