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<Wookie Leaks> Recruiting for PVE and casual PVP


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Greetings Kents and Kentettes,


Wookie Leaks is currently recruiting for various PVE and casual PVP Positions.

- Scrubs need not apply

- Teamspeak 3 & Mox Parser Required


PVE Positions include:


Wednesday Team (8 Man Ops) 7pm - 10pm +10GMT:

1 x Tank (Preferably a Sin or PT)

1 x Ranged DPS


Thursday Team (8 Man Ops) 7pm - 10pm +10GMT:



Sunday Team (16 Man Ops) 7pm - 10pm +10GMT:

3 x DPS (Preferably 2 ranged and 1 melee)


PVP Positions:

Open recruitment for lowbie and 55.


How to apply:

Reply in this thread or message myself, Fo-Grenu or Pade in game.

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