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The Future of Orange Modifiable Apparel!


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This just in! The Republic Holonet is now reporting that two Balmorran natives, de-frocked Jedi Master Tee m'Guhn and armor fabrication control unit H1-D3 of Kloon Defensive Systems have announced a new joint venture marketing synthweaving and armormech fabrication technology to Republic, Imperial and non-aligned customers alike.


In a joint statement, Master Tee m'Guhn expressed grave concern with the "undue influence" certain galactic Cartel corporations have on armor design, functionality, availability and price-point. He went on to criticize the Jedi Order for kow towing to the Cartel Market, insisting that the unchecked monopoly of hood-producers, brown dye makers and shoulder flange fabricators is indicative of rank corruption at the highest levels.


Similarly, H1-D3 vocalized extreme outrage at various Cartel-designated biologicals that worked to revoke numerous Kloon Defensive Systems patents (based solely on the revelation that Kloon Defensive Systems is an entirely droid-owned and droid-run firm, and had lacked any biological representative to legally file said patents).


In an effort to bring the "democratization of stylish and efficatious defense" to the galactic marketplace, the two will - for a reasonable price in either credits or Cartel Coins - deploy a team of holo-advisors and technical droids (piloted remotely from an undisclosed location) to retrofit a ship of your choosing to funcion as a full-service, mini-production facility for the customization and fabrication of either Synthweaving or Armormech products. (Discounts are available for registered Master Craftsmen, though some "terms and restrictions" apply.)


Pointing to the recent dissapearance of Tionese, Columni and Rakata armor designs of all varieties from galactic markets, and the growing restriction of modification products to particular armor models and weapon product lines, the two are trumpeting their custom mini-production facilities as the "wave of the future" when it comes to girding for war. Using these facilities, "sentient-crafting-entities" can:


* Convert any static piece of gear into an identical orange modifiable shell schematic (mods sold separately);

* Make customer-specified alterations to the appearance of any existing item or design schematic;

* Design and produce unique syntweaving or armormech products including:

>>> Bind-on-equip and Legacy bound items for use, trade or GTN sale;

>>> Ultra-high-end Legacy-bound and bind-on-pick-up items for personal or family use; and

>>> Unique bind-on-equip design schematics for sale to crafters lacking a Kloon Ship System;

* Synthesize small quantities of rare and exotic crafting materials from large quantities of baser materials;

* Reverse engineer relevant items with greater resource recovery and heightened probablity of schematic success;

* Add augment slots to existing items at 1/2 the usual cost (augments not included); and

* Create and install set-bonus kits for all existing gear (set-bonus kit schematics sold separately).


All Kloon Ship Systems (KSS) come with a basic set of armor color dyes and specific design alteration variables. Additional dyes and design option sets will be sold on the Cartel Market by Kloon Defensive Systems representatives. (Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a licensed Kloon "Customization Vendor"!) Customers are also encouraged to share with Kloon any dyes or design elements they should discover via crafting missions or active combat engagements. A significant bounty, in either credits or Cartel Coins, will be paid by Kloon for shared access to such discoveries.


Do not miss this important chance to be "combat-forward." Purchase your own KSS system today and make it work. Together we will redesign the galaxy!


(Please note: absolutely no Gree were harmed in the design or production of these facilities. Any similarity, in design or function, between Kloon Ship Systems and Gree technology is strictly coincidental.)

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