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2.0 Endgame: Mercenary or Operative?


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Hey all, After leveling my assassin through makeb and playing both of these guys afterwards, i realized they both make my Sin seem weak in comparison, The mercenary nukes the crap out of things and the operative just overwhelms mobs sometimes, So since i have limited time, i'm wondering if i had to choose one of these things, which one would do better.. How do both scale in the endgame?


I'm leaning on the merc because he hits like a mac truck loaded with nuclear bombs driven by Sweet Tooth, But i'm wondering if the operative is competitive at endgame? both are level 51 currently.

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My Shadow is disappointed with you.


Personally, DPS for endgame PvE, I prefer the way Mercenary plays, it is simpler and imo more efficient than the Operative. Also, whilst less mobile, being at range is usually an advantage.


But then my main is a tank so I don't pay much attention to how well the DPS perform, even when playing one myself.

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