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TRZ is Recruiting


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The Red Zone <TRZ> is an active, late night raiding guild. We raid from 12am to 2am PST on a nightly basis.


We're not a hardcore guild, but we do enjoy to push content based on the availability of our players. As long as players are willing to read and learn about their classes, specs, rotations, etc., we will be glad to help players experience raids and learn to succeed. We get what we put into the game, and we depend on those who want to become raiders to match the commitment of others.


Throughout the week we prioritize our goals depending on the most rewarding objectives, such as classic weekly, group finder story mode operations, and then follow up on the weekend with the hardest progression. Our current progress is 5/5 HM TFB and Scum & Villany 7/7.


our diverse group of people is comprised of multiple nationalities (all English speaking). We have been very successful during our late raiding time due this the diversity and it has been very successful for us mainly because we strive to accommodate our raiders. We do have rules, but we are not elitists who expect players to always be on and know what to do. We have ranks and we do expect people to fill their roles, however we understand life comes first and raiding can always be postponed for another day or time. No matter what, we never fail to enjoy the game and have fun on a nightly basis.


If you wish to get more info, please whisper any of the following officers in game: Superllvllan, Augee, Boblee-swagger, Amadus, or Pointy. Or visit our website at http://theredzoneguild.co.nz

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