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Rate/comment SWTOR planets (design, storyline)


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Korriban - 5

They used the KOTOR template which was great and moved tomb of Ragnos further down the valley which, for me at least, connected KOTOR layout to JKA layout.


Nal Hutta - 5

I love how they designed Hutta. Even though it is swampy, dirty and polluted I somehow find it beautiful. Also it is a perfect starting planet for Bounty Hunter and Agent.


Tython - 3

The design is generally nice but somehow I am not a big fan of Thyton (or Jedi for that matter:p)


Ord Mantell - 5

They did nice job with Ord Mantell. I really like the planet design and atmosphere. I liked the planet storyline too. I wish they included it in agent storyline where you would spark the rebellion and support/manipulate the separatist.


Dromund Kaas - 5

I really love Dromund Kaas. I don't know, it has this "magical" feel I can't really describe.


Coruscant - 4

It was nice to see it below the surface since the films didn't show much of that.


Balmorra - 4

Not too bad. I like the connection between the imperial and republic storyline. You conquer it as imperial and then you liberate it as republic.


Nar Shaddaa - 3

I don't really like the direction they went in SWTOR. I don't like its brown tone and glamorous look (neon lights everywhere etc.). It makes it look like Coruscant. I much preferred Nar Shaddaa in JK2 and KOTOR2 where there was grey-black tone and much dirtier look.


Tatooine - 5

Perfect. I might even say it looks better than in films.


Alderaan - 1

I absolutely hate it. It is like Lord of the Rings integrated into Star Wars


Taris - 1

I just don't like it. It tainted a nice memory of Taris from KOTOR.


Quesh - 3

It is okay. Nothing special.


Hoth - 1

Looks nothing like in film. I hate its surreal look and fairytalish ice formations. I guess they tried to make it look more "interesting" but they just ruined it for me.


Belsavis - 2



Voss - 4

Looks nice.


Corellia - 3

I was hoping to get a similar design to the one in SWG. I don't like this "industrial era" look.

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