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make PvP armour in SWTOR PvP like GW2


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Since gear does not mean anything now in PvP, you can wear PvE or PvP armour, either way you get same stats.


Make all armour in game free to use for PvP, like in GW2


you do not need rank or credits or commendations or anything for any armour configuration you want it's all free at PvP vendors.


as there is armour I want to use in PvP that can only be gotten with PvE commendations, the 2 piece bonus for commando on the PvE set to give 15% crit chance on Grav round, I want that set bonus, but I don't want to do OPERATIONS or HEROICS.


But since all PvE players get experience regardless of gear, let me have that set bonus I want.

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I really don't care how they **** up PvP or fix it just let me have what ever set bonus I want, since EXP no longer on sets.


I think it's only fair if the PvP players have to give up EXP so everyone can have it, including the carebear PvE players, then PvE players should have to give up all the uber gear operations give by letting us buy that gear with PvP commendations.


Because if you are not going to be fair to both parties then stop being fair to just them.

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