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[RED ECLIPSE][Empire] Genocide Recruitng!


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Hello fellow Sith Lords/Ladies I am Sanggold from Genocide, and I would like to take some of your time to talk about Genocide.


About Us


Genocide was founded last year in December. We are a primarily a PvE progression guild built upon a group of friends, we do some pvp content but not very often. We all started off on Nightmare Lands and have been building upon our group of friends since. Our goal is to become a very successful raid guild, so because of this we take our raiding seriously, we are experienced gamers that are always trying to improve ourselves and the guild. If you are a fresh 55 and are looking to do some raids but have no raid experience, dont worry. We assign a "teacher" to you, usually the same class and spec that can help you with your rotation and gear.


Raid Days + Times + Progression

7.45pm UK Time. (Although subject to change)





TFB SM - Completed

TFB HM - Not Stared

S&V SM - Completed

S&V HM - Not Started


These are only counted since the expansion and not before.


As long as you are willing to learn, admit to your mistakes and love having abit of banter then this could be the guild for you!


Currently Recruiting

We are currently looking for reliable tanks, aged 18 or over that will show up when needed. Unfortunately not having tanks is slowing us down! All other classes and specs are welcome too.


If you fit the above criteria and are interested in joining us! head on over to our website by Clicking Here


Or Send, Sanggold/Shilona/Redreell a whisper in game!.


If you cant get in contact with them, /w Sanghelios or Sangwich.


Please Note: We do not tolerate drama of any sort, any drama that does occur is expected to be sorted between the people/person that has any issues (in pms).


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