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Coloured Blasters


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So, me and a friend of mine had a discussion earlier on.


He asked me as to why are colour stones applicable to blasters beyond ''it looks cool''?


I searched and searched, found an article on the Star Wars Wiki of infinite knowledge about how blaster technology is based of either Gas or Crystals (Maybe a combination of both) but never implied the superiority of either over the other.


I also found a single example of a blaster using both a crystal and a gas chamber to make shiny red beams come out of stormtrooper guns (Which still miss horribly, by the way).


I was wondering, are there any more sources that confirm the application of colour crystals more commonly used in lightsabers - to be used in Blaster Technology? Or is this just something that the Creators have added for an additional ''cool factor''?


Both sources:

Lasers, not exactly blasters, but eh..

Focusing Crystal - Taken from Gundark's Fantastic Technology: Personal gear

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Mostly Cool Factor, but we can see some instances of non red blaster bolts in the Universe. On large scale we can see it in the opening scene of "A New Hope".

Recently read Vortex in the Fate of the Jedi series and Han Solo was shooting blue bolts from a blaster that wasn't Ion in nature.


I think red is just a convenient color for mass production, plus Sith generally LOVE red.

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