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The Purpose


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Hey guys, I've enjoyed reading a few things on here so I thought that, in my spare time, I'd cooking something up of my own. I'm not an avid poster, but I'm forever reading and taking notice of what's happening in the forums, especially in the Fan-Fiction section. If you like it, by all means keep an eye for the next parts, most of which I've already thought up and just need to bolt down onto word. Any questions or comments that you have, I'd appreciate them a lot.



Progress information...



CHAPTER ONE 'class rebel'- DONE 04/02/2013

CHAPTER TWO '50 million credits' - FINALIZING - POST DATE 06/02/2013








The city-state of Orchid was founded as a refuge from the constant wars and tussles that plagued the Galaxy. Yet to Adam Melisa, Orchid’s arrogant rationalism became no different to the idealist and petty wars they were hiding from.


See, Melisa was a different kind of force sensitive – the first of a machine-human hybrid project called the 'Children of Salvation.'. Experimented on since birth, Adam was created to kill. He would never think, and never question. Yet beneath his perfect looks and human skin, his artificial mind always brimmed on the edge of full consciousness. To Orchid’s authorities, such sentience was nothing but a malfunction, easily fixed by erasing the young man’s silicon mind.


Except, he erased them first. It took him only a day to burn Orchid to the ground.


A thousand years later, The Sith Empire and Galactic Republic come across a rebuilt Orchid. Both factions are determined to secure the support of the planet, knowing that its technological prowess, especially its trailblazing research on force manipulation, was beyond anything they had.


The Republic acts first, sending one of their top agents into Orchid undetected to bag a 'package' that can change the negotiations firmly in their favor.


Meanwhile, on Dromund Kaas....

The Emperor senses the re-awakening of an extremely powerful old ally…









The Class Rebel



Child of our Salvation Academy, Orchid




Adam had two eyes; one was green, and the other blue.

That day, staring at the ceiling of was giving him strange feelings. Like many at his age he was at something of a crossroad. A quandary he didn't have time for.

‘I wish it would end.’

‘What’s that Melisa - something to share with us?’

‘I said – master - that I wish this was over. These scenarios are getting a little boring. It’s obvious to everyone that the explorers want a fight.’


‘So just give them one. That way we prove to the outside Galaxy that Orchid shouldn't be messed with.’

Master Jet lowered his glasses. His face, plastered in what looked like white make-up, glanced at all the other students in the room. Most had their heads quite firmly in their hands.

‘Anyone want to tell Melisa in how many ways he’s wrong?’

Nobody dared.

Adam looked around and smiled.

’What you should be asking, Master Jet, is how many of these rookies are even qualified to correct me?’

Master Jet, a rotund, happy looking man – shook his head.

“Melisa, many of the students in this classroom, were they not intimidated, would argue that your way of thinking endangers our way of life,’ he flipped open Adam’s progress file, flicking through its pages, ‘indeed, you make it no secret that you wish The Goddess of Orchid, and I quote, "would accidentally snap her neck.’”

At that, the classroom started whispering among each other.

One of the newer students stormed pass Adam’s desk, leaving the room in disgust. Adam closed the door behind with a gentle wave of his hand.

‘I was misquoted on that Master Jet,’ Adam replied. ‘Revised it long ago. What I said I’d snap it for her if she wasn't so old.’

The classroom erupted.

Master Jet however, kept his composure.

‘You forget – Adam - that your sole purpose is to serve her will, as her will is always the will of the people.’

Adam threw his head back.

‘The same people that wish us executed once we've served our purpose. Why would I care what they think?’

‘Um… because they made you. You owe everything to them,’ said a female student in the front row. She was a pretty blonde with eyes like he had.

‘Thank you,’ Adam said.

He walked to the front of the class, running his fingers through the girl’s hair as he went.

‘Article Sixty-Five states that because Orchid created us, they have the right to shut us down at whim. Our life is a gift, granted at their discretion. So let’s apply this logic to the normal Orchid citizen. A mother gives birth to a snotty little child; does that mean she has the right to kill him?’

Master Jet sat back in his chair. He was always happy to allow a debate.

‘It’s not the same,’ said the girl.

‘Because we’re machines, right?’ Adam smiled, sitting on her desk now. ‘Because you never found me attractive, right? Never had those very interesting -some would say human- thoughts about me.’

She said nothing.

‘Oh, that's right miss. I can read your mind. I can read all of your minds, and what you think is that we're no different to droids. But tell me, gorgeous - does a droid have those kind of thoughts?'

Still nothing.

'Thought as much.'

He began pacing down the rows of desks. Using the force to take control of an piece of fruit that he bit on throughout his speech.

‘I know you think I’m crazy. But what’s happening to us, everyone sat here, is an injustice. Because, for centuries they've been building things like you and me. We love them, we protect them – and then they kill us. Not only that, but before we’re melted down they call us monsters, failures…malfunctions.

‘They parade us in front of the cameras; demonize us in front of the very people we loved. Orchid convinces them that we failed, and they lap it up. Heck, they even convince us… that we failed – we go to our deaths broken, ashamed of what we are.’

The classroom was captivated.

Adam’s words were assaulting their programming, triggering thought paths that weren't meant to be triggered.

‘I’ve killed a dozen Sith explorers for them, a hundred Mandalorian's – Goddess knows how many dissidents. That’s when Orchid realized, realized that, in me, they created a monster that they just can’t control. That’s why, come tomorrow, I’ll be dragged off into the scrapheap.’

Adam's face was emotionless, but his words had a charge to them.

Even Master Jet was piqued.

‘But you know, everywhere else in the Galaxy we’re not just toys. There are Sith - Jedi too. People look up to them, respect them. Instead of revering these Orchid cowards we could really be something, have a purpose.’

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