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Bring on the lootbags!


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Dear Bioware,


In beta, you tested a new concept for distributing loot in Operations: the lootbag. Basically, everybody got a bag, it usually contained a few commendations, sometimes it would contain a piece of armor or a weapon.


I'd like to suggest bringing back this idea, but apply it to Flashpoints instead:

-Give every player a lootbag when a boss drops.


-Bosses no longer drop loot as usual, so nothing to roll for.


-Every lootbag contains a small credit case (similar to the ones we're awarded on missions or get from slicing).


-Depending on the boss, the lootbag may contain some commendations as well.


-The lootbag ALWAYS contains a piece of equipment. However, this piece of equipment is NOT chosen depending on the class you play (where as now, items from those classes present have a HIGHER chance to drop than items from absent classes). Or at least, use a lower chance for that to happen than we have now.


--These items are BOP and NOT tradable with other groupmembers either. If players don't like what they get, they can still use it on their companions or simply vendorize it.


-This system should then be the default loot distribution mechanic for Pickup Groups formed using the Groupfinder, while being optional for player-formed groups and raids.


Basically, get rid of player controlled lootdistribution. Once again there's a long thread on the general discussion board about players demanding limitations to what other players can need on, and I feel that is the wrong solution.


Now for the benefits I see for this system:

-No more lootdrama, namecalling in chat, unnecessary use of the report features.

-Everybody gets *something* out of the flashpoint, other than just a repairbill. Getting something > getting nothing. Currently it's very common to run a flashpoint because either nothing dropped for your class, or because you lost all the rolls. That's not really encouraging for people who don't run flashpoints too often. They'll think "Wow, I could've done 8 solo missions during this time and have progressed my personal story instead!"

-It'll help people gear up their companions. Most people gear up only one or two companions, it's simply too expensive for most people to gear up all of them. As a result, they'll be less and less interested in using any other companions, since their other companions are always undergeared. Often by as much as 30 levels. That's not really encouraging to use them!


Now there is obviously a drawback as well. The items that drop can't be assigned to the most proper player anymore. But players who want that could still form a group outside the groupfinder, and regulate themselves using their preferred lootoptions. But I don't think that should be even called an inconvenience.


So if people can't play nice, simply change the mechanics so they at least can't act like a jerk either.


And again, I'm only talking about Flashpointgroups formed through the Groupfinder here. While I think the system should also be available as an option in self-formed groups and operations, it should simply be the non-changable default for Groupfinder teams.

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