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<Pak'Cafan> Social + Progression Raiding since 1999


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An Empire PvE/PvP Guild.



Who are we?

Pak'Cafan is a tight-knit social community that treats each of it's members as family. Founded in EverQuest back in 1999, Pak'Cafan remains firmly grounded in their core values; Honor, Respect, and Family. Though primarily based in North America, Pak has continued to expand with members spread all throughout the world. Together we have build a fun and enjoyable gaming environment that offers a place for both the casual and hardcore player.


Who we are looking for:

While neither elitist nor exclusive, Pak isn't a guild of random invites spammed from general. We take the time to explain our guild, what we have to offer, and the atmosphere any prospective member can expect upon joining. Many of our rules, including the introductory interview and 30 day initiate Cub period, were designed and implemented from our many years of experience in MMO gaming with the intention of best serving and protecting our existing community while also allowing new prospects to best integrate at a comfortable pace.

That said, our recruitment process is hardly an afternoon at the dentist either. Pak'Cafan is an adult guild, that prides itself on helping and supporting each other...and most importantly...a good sense of humor. Our sister guild The Apostates on the republic side holds the same key values as us, offering you an additional home for any cross faction characters you may play (though try not to feed the Apostate trolls).

So we invite anyone looking for a home to come join us today!


Contact Information:

Official Website: http://www.pakcafan.org/forums/index.php?/page/index.html

Forums: http://www.pakcafan.org/forums/index.php?/forum/77-swtor/

Pak'Cafan SWTOR Blog: http://www.pakcafan.org/forums/index.php?/blog/10-swtor/

Faction: Empire

Leader(s): Wyldfyr

Officer(s): Türk, Espaahzo, Grizzlydeath


Republic Sister Guild:

Official Website: http://halcyonorder.enjin.com/halcyon

Forums: http://halcyonorder.enjin.com/forum

Recruitment Thread: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=536724

Guild Name: Apostates

Leader(s): Bal'thial

Officer(s): Akyra, Beebo, Kage


Raiding Information:

8 Man Progression:

Terror From Beyond:

5/5 Story Mode

5/5 Hard Mode

Explosive Conflicts (Denova):

4/4 Story Mode

4/4 Hard Mode

3/4 Nightmare Mode

Karagga's Palace:

5/5 Story Mode

5/5 Hard Mode

5/5 Nightmare Mode

Eternity Vault:

5/5 Story Mode

5/5 Hard Mode

5/5 Nightmare Mode


Current Raid Schedule:

Group 1:Tuesday and Thursday. Invites at 8:15pm; First pull at 8:30pm. Raid ends at 12am.

Group 2: Thursday and Sunday. Invites at 8:15pm; First pull at 8:30pm

Group 3: Monday. Invites at 9:30pm; First pull at 9:45pm



  • The guild does provide Guild Repairs and Stims for it's members.



  • The guild uses TS3.



  • Schedules are subject to change.



  • All times posted are East Coast times.



Recruitment Needs:

We accept all classes and roles for signup based raiding and social play. See posts below for progression recruitment needs


Other Official Pak'Cafan Games:

EverQuest: Guild Leader(s) - Kshipper and Spliffy

Guild Wars 2 : Guild Leader(s) - Wootuz and Skye

Rift : Guild Leader(s) - Ulborn

World of Warcraft : Guild Leader(s) - Napenthe

Pak’Cafan seeks to build a strong membership base in every game we play in. The representation of the guild in these games, or shards, are built from the ground up using the same process. Each new shard strives to match what we have done in previous shards and the progress that is made from day one is directly related to the high quality of members and leaders that we have.

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We're currently looking for a healer to join our Thurs/Sun progression raiding team to work on EC NiM. Any healing class is fine as long as you have a good understanding of how to play your class in a serious raid environment. Willing to help finish out gear, though 61+ is recommended.


Contact me in game or on our forums for more info!


Edit: We've found a healer for Thurs/Sun ops group. Welcome, Mitsuru!

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