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East Coast Republic PVE Guild Recruiting


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:sy_lightside:Chilastras Exiles :sy_lightside:


Greetings, are you someone who loves Star Wars and like to play along with some friendly, help full, laid back people that have been together for a long time, If so consider our guild.


History of Chilastras Exiles


Our guild started as The Remnants of Mandalore, it was formed in 2003 by characters Mordred and Songan Tau in Star Wars Galaxies. The guild, also known as ROM, was formed on the Corbantis server. ROM created one of the first level 5 cities on the server, New Mandalore, which was located just outside of Kaadara. Through Mordred’s and Songan’s initial leadership, the guild grew to over 300 individuals. Though both have moved on to other games, the guild has continued based on the principles they created.


ROM was a non-factional mercenary guild. Non-factional refers to the fact there are Rebels, Imperials, and Neutral characters that make up the guild. At the time it was believed a marriage of different alliances couldn’t be successful; after five years it has been a proven formula. ROM has considered themselves their own faction; taking advantage of the multi-alliance system to be able to take all contracts. As is the tenants of the Mandalorian culture, we are all one family and work together to achieve common goals.


The group believes in Aliit (family), Haat (truth), Ijaa (honor), Haa’it (vision), and mandokar (Mando virtue). We strive to help those individuals who can not help themselves. Respect is to be shown at all times to our enemies and our allies. This stands from the belief that today’s enemy may be tomorrows allies, or even our future vod (brother or sister).


When Star Wars Galaxies shut down many of the guild came to Star Wars The Old Republic and we re-started the guild here with the same goals and values. Taking what was before and with and new game and a new name for the guild we carry on.


1. Chilastra's Exiles abides by the golden rule, do unto others as you would have done unto you. Always be respectful of all players of The Old Republic (TOR), but most importantly members of Chilastra's Exiles (CE).


2. Cheats, hacks and buying credits or other items online is not allowed. Follow the rules and terms of service set out by Bioware or EA for TOR. If BW/EA catches you using cheats and hacks as well as things bought from an outside service, it can and will effect other members of the guild whether they were aware of it or not.


3. Keep drama out of guild chat. If you have a problem with another member of CE take it to tells. If you can not resolve the issue contact a member of the council and it will be resolved as fairly as possible.


4. Help each other when you are able. New and returning players are our future and are very important to us. All of us have received help at one time or another. Those of you who need help ask for it but do not pester people or expect everyone to drop everything to come rushing to your aide.


5. Begging is forbidden, do not pester people for items and credits. If they are in a position to help with items and credits they will.


6. When using voice chat or guild chat be respectful of your fellow guild mates, No swearing or harsh language will not be tolerated. Remember we are a family friendly guild and may have little ears listening in while Mom and Dad save the galaxy.


7. Instances, Operations, Flashpoints, Quests and any guild function, if there is a time set be on time, be buffed be ready on time! If you commit to running a guild instance be on time, being late or failure to show up will be frowned on, multiple no shows or being late over and over can keep you from getting invited to guild functions and instances. Everyone pays good money to play , do not waste their time because you can not be on time.


8. Remember this is a game please do not bring talk of real world views on religion , politics, or world events into the game, lets keep it a game.


9. These are pretty simple rules and guidelines to abide by. If you are caught breaking them the first time you will receive a warning. Offenses after the first time can involve guild privileges being revoked including guild mail access and the ability to sponsor or tag people and depending on the severity of the offense possible removal from the guild.


If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of then create a toon on Shadowlands server and register on the web site below.



Guild Leader

Chilastras Exiles




Follow the link above and register

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