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Downloded/logged in/logged out//download restarted


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As the title said this is what happened. Took 10 hours to install the game the first time. I finally got in at 9 in the morning. I created, and named a character. I was exhausted from staying up all night, and went to bed (thinking finally!) I got up excited and ready to play to find what? The game wanted to completely redownload. Scanning for files I found it already fully installed, and yet the downloader is still there, and moving slow all over again.


Now, before anyone tries to help, I want all to know that I have read forums about slow download speeds and the like before. I did everything: changed p2p to true, fixed the firewall, running in administrator, all of it. My concern isn't redownlading the game...it's more fearing that once I log out again this nightmare will start over.


Has anyone every had the same thing happen? If you have how did you fix it?

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