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Is The Progenitor for me?


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Hi, just wanted to get a general opinion from the community on The Progenitor server.


Just got the game, and I am a full subscriber. About to pick my server and saw that the Red Eclipse always seems full as a PVE server is naturally what I gravitate towards. Just wondered how this server was for population, i.e. can you find groups / guilds etc ok or does it tend to be a bit desolate?


I wondered as well having never played on a RP server before, how that affected the gameplay, is it loosely followed or or do people insist on you being in character rigidly?


I am a veteran from SWG, Pre-CU days, ground out a full Jedi template over the course of a year after the CU, attained Elder status when they released the NGE (Or SWG the Fisher Price Edition as we called it on the Radiant server), and stuck with it up until around a year before their final 'server down'. I used to run a large guild and city on the server and I am keen to get involved in the guild system as a member on here. I intend to play Republic, probably Shadow to start off with, and I am a mature player who would be interested in a guild of like minded people.


Just wondered if their could be a little niche for me amongst the community on The Progenitor server?



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Progenerator, as the name states, is a server for special people.

One a serious note, I am new, been playing here from Padawan lv1 to Jedi Shadow lv25.

You won't meet many people seriously role playing in the general chat, as serious role players do that in the /say chat.

Finding groups was never a problem for me, everyone is very friendly and there are plenty of players on all planets I have visited so far.


More thoroughly about the role playing-

I believe that the serious role playing is done by RP guilds, I am not sure if they always stay in character, do they plan RP events, or both.

I personally am mostly in character, as I am such kind of person, and I enjoy the game much more this way.

However, one cannot simply stay in character in certain cases, for example when you look for a group to play a Heroic missions, Flashpoint, or an Operation, as in most cases, especially while one is a new player, these groups consist out of random people, of whom some might not even like RP (I know! How is that even possible? :3)

So, bottom line about role playing, if you really want to experience maximum possible role playing, find an active clan, which does that. I am currently looking for one myself, and if I will not find it, I will create one, eventually.


As for the question, if this server is for you- yes, brother, it is very much for you, I look forward to embarking on an epic journey across the galaxy, with you, one day.



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Many thanks for your reply!


I have never been involved in the RP side of things, even though it used to go on a lot on SWG as well, just didn't know how pervasive it was to day to day gaming activities. But from what you say it seems a personal choice matter even though it is on a RP server.


Well I have a character on Red Eclipse that I just started but will definitely give the Progenitor a shot I think!


I will make one of the two my permanent home depending on how I get on / find the community.


Thanks again.

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Welcome im also a player from swg pre cu, eu infinity. Shadow is a great class and alot of fun, i think you will enjoy it. I would say mostly that people are friendly and social. Its never difficult to get into groups and im sure there are som guilds out there that could meet your recuirements. Im not in a guild myself on the republic side playing a sage.
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