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Newly fixed Phantom Chestpeice perfected my Sorcerer. Ty Bioware.


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Thank you Bioware.


Phantom Chestpeice finally being fixed is now the perfect item to wear with the Mask of Nhilius. the Shoulderpeices blend and merge with the cloth of the headslot item in a Flawless fashion.


Inquisitor with the Mask.


Even without the Mask, The set doesn't go away from being one of the best Black robes.


Inquisitor with the Hood.


Fixing Revan's Robes was also a A++++++++++++++++ in my book.


Haven't been this happy since I finished my Jedi.

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It does indeed work with Nihilus' mask. Which surprises me, cause the mask hasn't fit with anything I've seen until now. Still think it's weird seeing a Nihilus that isn't him, but yeah, quite a good fit with the new (horrible) Phantom :) Edited by Pscyon
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