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Armormech Boots/Gloves Don't Match Sets


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Please, please make another pass at Armormech, and fix the numerous gloves and boots schematics that do not match the set they are intended for. In many cases, the boots/gloves are not even in the right level range for the armour, so that you can't wear even a nominal full set for several levels.


Not all the sets are mismatched, but frankly the ones that matter most don't. Some examples:


Tempered Laminoid boots and gloves do not match Tempered Laminoid chest/legs (and in fact do not match any currently craftable set)

Outcast Boots and Gauntlets do not match the Outcast chest/legs (Outcast boots/gloves are the model that should be used for Tempered Laminoid)

Chanlon Onslaught boots/gloves do not match the chest/legs

Phobium Onslaught boots/gloves do not match the chest/legs (or any other craftable set)

Lacqerous Mesh boots/gloves do not match the chest/legs (although they're closer than any of the above)

Commando Elite boots/gloves do not match the chest/legs (Commando Elite boots/gloves are a match for the Elite Vanguard set, which is not even craftable at this time)


There may be more, but those are the ones I've seen so far.


It's hard enough to put together armour sets as is without the finished results not matching up with the rest of the set. Republic Troopers in particular frequently like to have a unified look to their characters and their companions, and right now this is almost impossible (annoying, since this was the problem adding the new recipes was supposed to fix). 'Unify Colours' for companions being indefinitely broken only exacerbates the problem.


Please go through Armormech and match the boot/glove models up correctly with their sets, and put them in the correct level range with the rest of the set. All of us crafters trying to provide matching sets to our friends and servers will thank you.

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