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Looking for a guild. <Republic>


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Just came back and resubbed and decided to reroll to Republic side since I have never really played them. Currently leveling a Jedi Sentinel and just finished chapter 1. Now I am really having trouble doing my class quests because they are all red. I mostly PvP and really hate questing having just quit WoW and just leveled 3 characters to 90 via quests before finally getting tired of that game. I just want to avoid questing as much as possible and just work on my class quests and PvP. Could use a large leveling type guild where I can find some other people to group with so we can help each other finish class quests and do some WZs together.
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Outer Rim Templars

Website: http://ortemplars.enjin.com

Server: Jedi Covenant

Faction: Republic

Active Times: 5pm - 12am CST (Monday-Friday), Various Hours During Weekends

Event Hours: 8pm - 10:30pm CST

Open Ops Nights: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

Closed Progression Nights: Sunday, Monday (Continuation Night)

Guild Nights: Thursday - Guild PvP Night, Friday - Weekly Guild Event

Current Activities: Ops, PvP, Weekly Guild Events, Questing, Social


Progression: EV HM 5/5, KP HM 5/5, EC SM 4/4, EC HM 3/4, TFB SM 5/5, TFB HM 2/5

Closed Progression Recruitment Needs: Well Geared Gunslinger RDPS, Shadow MDPS


ORT supports Open Recruitment outside of Closed Progression


Guildmaster: Miallen

Officers: Marlie, Fosmeros

Recruiters: Kelen, Baits, Tankerus


About ORT

Our guild has originated from SWG, Naritus server, from a guild named the Templars of Lok. With a long history in SWG, we have come to TOR with the intentions of recreating the fun and friendships we once had there. We are more than just a guild. We are friends, allies, and a community of friendly individuals whom all have a say in how ORT functions.


We are a pre-launch guild that originated off of the Juyo server, and still stayed together through two server mergers. Our guild is ran by 5 Officers whom point the guild in the right direction and get things moving. Level at your pace, join Ops groups and run Flashpoints. What you want to do with your characters is up to you, and it always should be.


ORT is also interested in bringing your guild to our community. Join forces with us, gain new friends, and a community like none other in SWTOR!



ORT has been featured on Corellian Run Radio's Community Checkpoint! To find out more information about ORT, please feel free to visit the link below!




Our Recruits

We are looking for ACTIVE players of all levels & classes. We are looking for fun, friendly, mature individuals who are willing to be helpful to each other to achieve a common goal. You should be respectful to all within this guild, as well as show a respectful attitude towards others outside the guild. Character level does not matter, as we have people at all levels currently working towards 50.


Don't become just another number, never feel closed off from guild activities, play your spec, be an individual. You should define what your guild is, not let them define what you are!


If you are interested in joining our guild, please be sure to contact one of our Officers for more details on how you can join us!

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