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'Wraith Squadron' pub guild recruiting


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We have some decent players but we are in need of more activity for running group pvp on a more regular basis. As a whole we are not ready for ranked for lack of players but we are getting fairly close to starting out. We are willing to take on some newer players as long as they are willing to listen to and try out our advice for them.


18 years of age or older

Prefer lvl 50s (will accept lvl 35 or higher but we do mainly 50 pvp)

Decent knowledge on how to play their own class


We have no gear restrictions being that we are not running ranked warzones on a regular basis of any kind yet but we do plan too.


So if u want to join a pvp guild and don't necessarily have a lot of experience or the gear yet here is a chance to get involved with a pvp guild.


No website yet but either in game chat or mail Horsepower or Sgtduke in game or u can post to the thread

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