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More negative then positive with this type of rollout.


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While they are correct in the viewpoint that this style of rollout will help with server stability I also have to agree with the viewpoint that it also brings a whole slew of negative impacts to the game and the community.



Server Stability

Less people fighting over quest objectives and mobs

Higher launch anticipation



Corrupt early invites

Unbalanced servers

friends/guild-mates at completely different stages of the game unable to work together

names being unavailable (reports of names being hijacked to be ransomed)

First day people who will be well into endgame level ranges when others still haven't received access due to the pathetic leveling curve.

Fresh 50's from later access dates who will have to PVP against teams of early invite people who are already running around in top end gear within a week or two.


Those are just a few of the negatives that have been pointed out to me and others over the last few hours... So again not sure that I completely agree with this style of roll out although the only negative impact I have a major problem with is the inability to log in create a character and reserve a name.

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