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<ISOLATION> [Empire] Progression Guild Recruiting


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About Us:

ISOLATION is a high performance gaming community. We strive for excellence, while enjoying what we all love most; gaming as a team. Our guild doesn't only excel in PvE content. We are firm believers that a good guild excels in one aspect of a game, but a great guild is triumphant in every facet. That being said, ISOLATION also excels in PvP combat. We also want you to know that we are always open to inviting friendly, mature and exceptional players looking for a good home and guild in which they can excel and enjoy all facets of the game content.


ISOLATION is a mature adult progression raiding guild. Our raid progression is currently 5/5 NIM EV, 5/5 NIM KP, 5/5 HM TFB and 4/4 NIM EC. We currently have 2 raid teams that run regularly each week. Members are required to know all aspects of their class, and play exceptionally in all aspects of gaming. Our raid times are Tues-Fri 8pm EST along with an Alt Raid Monday at 8pm EST and multiple free unscheduled raids that occur throughout the week


The things that each progression group needs from its Raiders can be categorized into 3 big points:


- Skill/performance

This encompasses how good you are as a player, how knowledgeable of your class you are and how dedicated to min maxing you are. How knowledgeable/active you were in strategy discussions and how much you participate in setting a strategy.


- Attitude

This includes how well you play with others, your team skills, level of participation/communication and how you treat your fellow raiders after a long raid's worth of wipes.


- Attendance

This is a general percentage which includes your availability for raids. How active you are outside of raids has 0 bearing on this value. i.e. You could never log in for anything except for raids and still maintain 100% attendance. We don't prefer this approach, but it's viable. Of course, we recognize maintaining 100% attendance is impossible and that real life always takes priority.


What do we expect from you?

ISOLATION is looking for mature and intelligent players who are reliable and driven to dominate SWTOR. Communication is essential to high-performance guilds, hop on TS3 and bring your colorful personality, but leave the trolling and drama at the door. We want players who can be self-reliant and strive to master their character. Anyone can copy a spec and rotation from the forums, but it takes a great player to understand the game and build from the ground up. We also ask that our members have a reasonably thick skin and the ability to take criticism. No one is perfect, including leadership. In a competitive gaming environment we work together to improve the guild. We want members to take feedback and use it to strengthen themselves.


If you would like to check out our YouTube Channel visit http://www.youtube.com/isolationvideo


For in- game inquiries please contact any of the following:

GM: Kryis

Officers: Rah'jid, Shamrockinout, Mrawesome, Uxas


If you're looking for a friendly environment in a competitive progression raiding guild, apply at http://isolation.swtorhost.com/

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We are now in need of an experienced tank and a skilled melee dps. Please apply on our website or get in contact with one of our Officers at your earliest convenience if you're interested or have any questions. Thank you.
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