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The following are suggestions from a Player, nothing more, no speculation. Just things I'd like to see, if some or all has been posted all ready I'm sorry that I didn't see it in thread names on the first few pages of this section.


1) Player Housing. a few ways it can be done easily to the existing game.

A) use a EQ2/rune scape style apartment, instance location that you can build/expand decorate.

B) allow players to be able to customize/decorate our current ships.

C) add "expansion" zones on some planets to set up /build player cities. This can be used

greatly in conjunction with the legacy and cartel system of legacy perk to unlock land owning/

cartel coins to buy acres.


2) Space. right now in my personal opinion space battle feels a lot like a universal studios theme park ride. I personally really enjoyed the open space combat that Lucas Arts used in Star Wars galaxies, mining asteroids, optional deep space PVP zone. The fact your pilot skill/level was independent from character level.


3)Underworld faction, like what Lucas Arts had in the real time strategy game "Empire at War " expansion. Now you guys may all ready have this in the works with the Rise of the Hutt cartel if not implementing at least building to it, if so cool. if not consider it.


Not just a split into a 3rd neutral faction, but a faction that can work for or against both republic and Imperial, who are really on there own side all along. This would also open up the possibility for Betrayer mission line borrowed from EQ2 where you could go through a huge process to get your imp to fully join the republic, vice versa. or just go neutral, endless options.


This could also open up for some really nice assassin /spy type missions infiltrator advance class of agent or trooper. and the set up for the next suggestion...


4) Player Bounties. Bounty Hunters at level cap have a bounty board with players on it. Borrowed from SWG but they limited mostly to just Jedi ... I think opening this up to players being able to post bounties could be fun same faction . opposing, neutral, but instead of credits use cartel coins, and have the exchange keep a heavy commission but to really make it worth it, using 1000 cartel to put a bounty on a player for 300 cartel... would add a truly new aspect,


5) Weapon restrictions. way too strict... just some examples and Logic here.

a) Boba Fett used a carbine/ rifle

b) in this game a lot of the In-game cut scenes show a trooper or agent using a pistol to kill...

c) even Luke used a blaster AND a pistol

d) obi-wan killed grievous with a blaster

e) Han Solo used Luke's light saber to cut open his tauntaun

f) Zam Wessle (female Bounty hunter Ep2) used a sniper rifle to shoot the droid obi wan was on..


6) Mounts. come on where is our mountable creature's?

a) SW ep 1 eoipies that creature that Qui-gon rides up on with Anikin

b) SW ep 3 obi wan riding a varactyl

c) SW ep 4 stormtroopers on dew backs/sand people and Bantha's


e) SW ep 6 ok so mayeb I just want my own AT-ST .... but it walks so I count



Most of this is basic Star Wars universe, it fits with in the realm of the story. Ive worked in the technology field long enough to know most if not all of these idea would be very easy to implement using all ready in game systems.


Ive said what I want I love the game I'm a CE account been here as a sub since pre-release and will be, LIFER!!


you guys are doing good, keep it up and even if one of these makes it in would greatly improve our player experience.

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