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Pre-50 Purple Weapons


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Hi Guys and Gals,


I am presently working on learning every schematic in the Armstech profession. In doing so, I noticed that there are very few purple pre-50 crafted weapons appearing in the GTN on Jung Ma.

It's going to take me quite a long time to learn all of the schematics since it takes a lot of farming and a lot of time to craft each item. One green weapon reverse engineers into 3 different blue ones and then those 3 blues reverse engineer into anywhere from 12-16 purples (all with different secondary stats). If you intend to troll me in this thread about not being able to learn all the schematics for Armstech, save your little typing fingers. I may not end up learning them all, but I'm thoroughly enjoying farming and crafting right now. I'll be at it for quite a while.


If you play a low level toon and you're having trouble finding the weapon you want in the GTN, just send me an in game email (Gunney - Republic side). I know a nice shotgun, sniper rifle, Vibroblade, or Techstaff can be hard to find. If I can't already make it, I'll start reverse engineering and learn to make it. I'm presently finishing up all the purple level 9 weapons, but I have been learning the purples at other levels upon request, then going back to my level 9's. I can currently make weapons up to level 25. I should be in the 30's in a day or so.


I'll be selling the weapons at a very reasonable price also. I'm not doing this to make a Gillion credits. I'm just trying to enjoy the game. PvP is so much better when you have those cool purple weapons and purple armor. Being a major arms dealer on Jung Ma server seems like fun to me. See you in the game.

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