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Masquerade is a adventurous Raiding guild, on the Harbinger Server within the Imperial Faction. We are an Oceanic guild that supports late night raids for American and Australian players.

All base members of the guild met on SW-TOR Asia Pacific server: Dalborra. We were a successful raiding guild

who were well into Hard mode content before patch 1.4. With the lack of interest in the F2P patch and the

dwindling numbers on the shard, the guild decided to have a break from raiding and even the game for some.


Now that the dust has settled, we have decided to come back together on a server shard that would enable our

members to get the best from the game. Therefore we have moved to an American based server where the

population is far higher and the quality of life far superior. Yes the ping is higher, however a ping of 20 is

useless when you cant get a warzone or a flashpoint queue to pop.


Though we were a main raiding guild on Dalborra, we are rebuilding and therefore we are removing our normal

recruitment standards and allowing any and all players/levels and race/classes to join. Your only restriction will

be a period of time at the rank of recruit whilst we see if you fit us and you see if the guild fits you. After that

time (which may be reduced or extended) you will be promoted to member status with all privileges of that rank.


We are currently looking for multiple positions (2 to 3) in our main Raiding group and intend to set up another Raid group. As a guild we are quite experienced in SW:TOR Raiding and wish to allow more to become a part of this experience. We are looking for people with flexible hours and can keep an enthusiastic and respectful manner during Raids. We can assure you that gearing is not an issue and can help where needed. Applicants are welcome to either, get in contact with us via our guild forums - Contact Us , apply for Masquerade - Recruitment Form or contact us in-game via - Oph-Binks, Lycoan, Fiar, Scathis or Lucen'o


Hope to see you around.

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