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Returning Duo (50 Jugg/50 Sorc) looking for guild home


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My brother and I have recently decided to re-enter the SWTOR universe and are looking for a guild to call home. With many many years of MMO experience behind us. We are looking to find a guild that does FPs/WZs and Quests, eventually leading into Ops. We haven't played in a few months so looking to get back in, feel the basics and regear. Voice Chat would be nice, Active guild a must. Our primary play times would be Evenings PST with Saturdays. Hit me up in game or leave a reply here and I or my brother will be able to get back with you.



Sinafay Silvermane

EQ1 Enchanter

EQ2 Shadowknight

WOW ShadowPriest

SWTOR Sith Sorcerer

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Loved mY SP to death, but to this day the Chanter from EQ1 still my favorite class. Total control of every pull, of every encounter resting on your shoulders, (and mana pool). Made for some great stories and raid experiences. Really loved my Sorc when leveling her up, and now that I have more time to devote to a game again, figured I would come back and give her a go again!


In-Game Name to PM?

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You might want to check us out. We're all returning players, and working rebuilding our guild. WE're active, use mumble, and everyone is very friendly. Please check us out here, or at our site here.


If you're interested please contact one of the following toons in game or send me a pm on here.



Roostêr (alt 0234)



Good luck!

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