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What exactly is covered as a 'fire effect'?


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I'm asking, because I'd like to exactly know what is enhanced by Prototype Burn Enhancers.


- I'd assume Flame Burst is covered, but....

- Could this ability only be covering Flame Burst, Immolate, Flame Sweep, and Heat Blast?

- Are the Ticks of Combustible Gas Cylinder covered? Or is that considered a 'burn', or a 'periodic elemental damage' instead?

- Is the Impact or first hit of Incendiary Missile considered a 'fire effect'?

- Are the DoT ticks of Incendiary Missile considered a 'fire effect'?



Knowledge is power here. This most important part is "Is Prototype Burn Enhancers covering DoT effects".



Please answer if you know for sure, and PLEASE NOOB DON'T POST IF YOU ONLY SUSPECT HOW IT WORKS. If you know what it effects, please post 'how' you know, and thanks!

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All u mentioned above are fire effects. I know this cos I can read the tooltips on my abilities and I also can compare the numbers with points spent on the talent and with no points spent. Yes, i'm that good. Edited by Quantasm
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