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Hi fellow scoundrels :)


First of all let me just say, I really love the class and can't wait to start pvping. It is way way better than my mara. But i have few dilemmas regarding the gear. What would be the optimal stats for endgame scoundrel, what should i be aiming for.

I was thinking about getting only two parts blackhole parts because of the bonus (15% more crit chance on back blast sounds really awesome) and rest of that from the pvp set. Do I need only the armoring from the blackhole gear to get the bonus?. Is the critical strike chance from the skill trees and the bonus additive to my base critical chance? or it is calculated differently?


And what gear and stats should i aim for if i am playing as healer in PvE.


What is your oppinion.


P.S. Does the "No Holds Barred" Skill from the Dirty Fighting tree affects attacks such as Back Blast, Shoot First, Sucker Punch, the grenade, you know the stuff usually used in pvp.

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Cunning is the main stat you want to load up on. Augments is the best way to do that without loosing to many of the other stats. Power and surge are then your secondary stats to consider. Regardsing armorings the chest pieces is the first piece to get as it practically adds on another 30 cunning you can then pick another at random. If you have moddable belt or wrists get those to but other wise if get a hand or wrist armoring to top up for the bonus.



Yes the skill does add effect. This is my current spec one with loaded "no holds" one without.



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