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El Kamino - Late Night Progression Raid Group


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El Kamino is looking for 1-2 people to join an Empire-side progression raiding group which will kick off after the holidays.


An interested party must:

-Have 1 reasonably geared level 50 Empire faction character of any type

-Have Ventrilo and a microphone

-Be able to play for at least 2 hours beginning at 11:30 PM EST, days TBD (your availability will be taken into account).


An ideal candidate would, have:

-2+ reasonably geared 50s covering at least 2 archetypes (healing/DPS/tanking), plus a good level of knowledge of each class, and a willingness to be flexible on which class/role they fill on any given night

-400 craft skills on each 50 character (preferably Biochem, Cybertech, Artifice, or Armstech)

-Good situational awareness

-Some amount of knowledge of all current Operations on at least Story Mode (HM+ preferred)

-A drive for self-improvement and continued learning

-Tolerance for a very flat organizational structure

-An active sense of humor

-Big brass ones (exactly which ones are big and brass is gender-dependent)


Don't bother if:

-You've had a tragic voicebox accident or are otherwise unable to communicate via voice chat

-You have thin skin or profanity mortifies you

-You've ever used the phrase "it's just a game" (or something similar) to excuse your own failures or the failures of people in group with you, ESPECIALLY in PVP

-You don't have a strong drive to win and improve

-You cannot accept and internalize constructive criticism aimed at helping you get better

-You have a pathological aversion to parsing combat logs and publishing them on TORParse or similar

-You've ever used the phrase "git 'er done" or the word "bro" (except to refer to your biological brother or step-brother) non-ironically

-You have Bieber Fever


Fair warning - there will be a semi-informal tryout for any applicant we'd like to get to know better. Expect some basic competence tests such as HM FP speed runs or HM LI runs, plus whatever else we deem necessary to decide whether or not you'll be a good fit.


Fair warning #2 - There isn't any elongated trial period after acceptance into the new raid group (ain't nobody got time for that), however should you prove yourself unable to contribute, don't expect extended leniency. Everyone makes mistakes, and that's fine. Constant screwups, especially the SAME screwups repeatedly, not so fine. We're not the spawn of Satan, but we're all busy adults, and there's a balance between tolerance and expediency that we need to keep. Really, if we decide to give you a shot, this should be a moot point, but hey, it's a fair warning.


Make no mistake - the goal here is to have EC HM and TFB HM on farm status within one month of group inception (preferably sooner), and EC NiM cleared/farm status as soon as feasible. If that intimidates you, see above about big brass ones.


If you've read this far and are not convinced that I'm a total jerk who should die in a fire, or that there's a strong possibility we'd wish some inconvenient but ultimately impermanent woe to befall you, please contact me via PM on these forums, and I'll get back to you via PM or in-game.


Edit: The only role we don't have any particularly strong need of is melee DPS, though a sufficiently stand-out individual could make us change our minds.

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Bump. Have scheduling conflicts with one member, so looking for someone who can be available more consistently on Monday through Wednesday nights.


Note: Not asking anyone interested to leave their current guild. Don't really care if you join El Kamino full time or just raid with us.

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