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Lfg finder for sm denova and tfb


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It's not... a bad idea, per se. It has been stated by Bioware though (and unfortunately I can't remember where) that they don't want to have all the operations in group finder, so as to encourage guilding (something alone those lines, at least) In other words, no strong opinion here, just stating what Bioware has mentioned.


That said, however, the story mode versions of these two operations are the entry-level versions. Putting them in group finder would not discourage guilding I don't think. After all, all HM and NiM versions of these ops would not be in group finder. The only potential issue (which happens with LI HM as well) are the undergeared players entering group finder for them. Usually this can be dealt with by the other players themselves. However, this is slightly different than HM LI. After all, HM LI is the only mission in its queue group. This is not so for operations.


Let's say a new level 50 has already completed the two current operations in group finder on the first two days of the SWTOR week (tuesday and wednesday). There are two more operations he can do, and even though he is not yet necessarily geared for them, he figures he can try anyways.


This is not wrong to do, per se, but it will be annoying for the other players in the group, if it happens repeatedly (and in this circumstance, it's likely). Actually, this would be interesting for them to test on the PTS. (Except for the fact that 90% of players don't have 50s on the PTS, let alone geared ones).

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I can agree with this if they add it as a 2nd tier for operations, with a minimum gear requirement check (average armor rating / health amount).


I agree with that. Most pug groups can't even handle EV and KP, let alone EC. Story mode or not, its a hell of alot more complicated than the others in group finder. At minimum it would need to have a gear requirement.

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