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A Christmas greeting (Juletide Scan)


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Since I don't know how much I'll be able to be around closer to Christmas, and since I wanted to provide a bright point ... I wrote this little Christmas poem about my Sith Sorcerer Vassindrae.


I hope you enjoy it!


"A Yuletide Scan"


One early morning in the city of Kaas

(A)woke a Sith warrior who named herself Vas


Stepped out in a world where no ally is found

but where rebels, jedi and traitors abound


And then one day, was summoned by rank

Thought to herself "It's time to be frank!"


Went to the meeting armed with a blaster,

swapped for a saber and cut down her master


"Don't look so surprised, for we live in the season,

of wreaths and reindeer, and bountiful treason!"


So a Happy New Year and a Yuletide Scan!

Better enjoy it...




Season's greetings from Vassindrae!

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