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TBW LF raiders


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The Black Watch (TBW) is looking for five or six other people that are wanting to raid. We have been on Harbinger since launch - but changed our name to TBW after the last server merger. Check out tbwgaming.com for more info.


We want to raid two or three times per week between 5 pst and 8 pst (maybe more). I personally want to raid more than this - but will settle for less :) Times and days negotiable.


We have three people with geared toons of different roles just kind of standing by to start up progression again. We are like minded in that we don't enjoy pugging. We stopped at Kephess on EC and will start over to bring other peeps up to speed.


We haven't given up on our guild yet and know there are other people out there in the same boat.


We are older dudes that just want to raid.


We are willing to bring on players who maybe haven't raided very little and share whatever we know.


Contact Lucious, Dirty, or Losha (thats me) or Ragnorum, Benadory, or Bruticus if you are interested in joining us.

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